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Essay Writing Serivce 3 Hours

If you are thinking of a possibility to order a written assignment instead of writing it yourself, if you are looking for the best performer of your task, if you want to find a trustworthy company, we congratulate you as you are at the right place.Just ask our writer: "Write my essay for me in 3 hours!"

Why Students Prefer Written Works From Professional 3 Hours Essay Writers?

Lack of time is one of the reasons why students order papers online written by an essay writer online. This reason is caused by various factors. In one case, for a student 24 hours a day is not enough, as he combines work and study. In another, the student incorrectly prioritizes, giving the most preference to extracurricular activities (visiting various sections of interest, spending too much time on hobbies or fun). Also, a lack of time can be caused by the incorrect organization of the day when the student does not plan his affairs in advance. In this case, the precious time just flows nowhere. If you find yourself struggling with time constraints and thinking, write my extended essay for me, seeking online assistance from professional writers can be a practical solution.

To minimize the influence of this factor, it is necessary to use the principles of time management: plan your day in advance, highlight the most important and secondary matters, control the time to complete tasks (using a timer, alarm, etc.). Thankfully, if a student still feels the need for help in performing written tasks, he or she has professional helpers, who gladly perform the task instead.

Besides, students often underestimate their own abilities. Faced with the very first obstacle (a difficult term, formula or methodology), they come to the conclusion that they will not be able to cope with a task on their own. In this case, they have an opportunity to turn to the supervisor or classmates for help, but often neglect these options so as not to seem silly to others. Therefore, they prefer to order the writing of coursework, essay help online or diploma and other works from the "pros".

We Cooperate Only With Trustworthy Essay Writers and We Can Write Your Essay in 3 Hours

If you wonder how we manage to stay one of the top essay writing services for such a long time, we have an answer for you: our writers – our treasure. We make everything possible to continue cooperation with our best authors and easy break relationships with writers who neglect the rules and high standards of our work. All our essays writers are:

  • Professional with understanding of requirements and rules of performing student’s assignments;
  • Specialists in their field of studies;
  • Allowed to assign only for topics in their jurisdiction;
  • Native English speakers only;
  • Highly motivated to perform flawless job;
  • Academic degree.

In case the order has been performed on low quality level, the author of the paper is fined. In case of repeated complaints, we stop cooperating with a particular author.

We Write All Kinds of Student and Business Essays Just in 3 Hours Term

Around 90 percent of our clients are students of high schools, colleges and universities around the country. Though, there is a portion of clients who represent the working community. Those people order write my essay service online to create a business letter with a proposition for cooperation, for example.

Besides, there is a constant popularity and need for writing CVs and resume both among students who want to apply for a job or grant, and people who want to change their job. Our writers are willing to help all people and create the type of document, which will guarantee the positive outcome.

Independent work of a student is designed to test how a student is able to work with theoretical information. The teacher gives a list of questions, a list of references, and the student succinctly outlines the answers. Then the synopsis is submitted for verification. This form of work teaches you how to handle an array of information, look for the answer to your question. Such a skill is appreciated in any employee, so train at a university.

  • Abstract - a brief problem statement of the contents of a book or article. Here it is not required to bring one's own view of the problem, to propose ways to solve it. It is necessary to correctly retell the essence of the issue, relying on the author's text. You will learn how to properly draw up an abstract - performing other, more voluminous written work, will be easier.
  • A report is a message dedicated to a given topic that describes the state of affairs in any field of activity; the author’s view of the situation or problem, analysis and possible solutions. The report is smaller in volume than the abstract, but contains more information. And this requires the speaker to be able to present the material in a thesis and content.
  • Term paper is a scientific study of the problem in the framework of the training course. It is written in one semester.
  • Thesis (project) is one of the types of final qualification work of students, performed by them in their last year. The essence of this work is that the graduate demonstrates the level of professional excellence to the state examination committee through the creative product he created (development of the device, sociological research, etc.).
  • A dissertation a scientific work that is defended by the author before the examination committee (master's degree), the academic council (PhD) to obtain a degree.

When Can We Help Students?

Students of all scientific directions and specialties can become our clients. Our team of professional essay writers to hire consists of hundreds of representatives of different spheres, both practical and theoretical. That is why we will find a suitable performer for almost any task. For example, we can help, if you study one of the following:

  • Trading business
  • Sociology
  • Medical biochemistry
  • Information Security
  • Teacher Education
  • Law enforcement
  • Architecture
  • Biotechnology
  • Oil and gas business
  • Construction
  • Biology
  • Law
  • Psychology
  • Publishing
  • Pedagogy and Psychology of Deviant Behavior
  • Foreign Regional Studies
  • Medical cybernetics
  • Bioengineering and Bioinformatics
  • Literature and art
  • Journalism
  • Translation Studies
  • Pharmacy
  • Applied Informatics
  • Fundamental and Applied Linguistics
  • Cultural science
  • Dentistry
  • Geography
  • Conflictology
  • Teacher Education
  • Physics
  • Technosphere Security

Many more scientific spheres are covered by the area of competence of the writers we cooperate with. To make sure, there is a required qualified author for your particular paper, place an order now and wait for an approval. Also, there is a website that writes essay for you, another great service for students that can write you an essay easily.

Relationship Between Written Assignments and Educational Tasks

To help students study properly, when drawing up assignments, the general objectives of the course and the educational tasks of each section should be taken into account. There must always be a direct link between these goals and written assignments, which is carried out through educational material. So, we need to clarify as clearly as possible for ourselves and for students the educational goals and objectives. Based on these tasks, teachers must teach. And assignments should pursue the same goals. Otherwise, they will be completely useless to students.

When compiling tasks, it is necessary to take into account that educational tasks can vary depending on the stage. You can use, for example, the well-known systematics, or classification, of cognitive learning tasks proposed by Benjamin Bloom.

In Bloom's classification, there are six main stages:

  1. judgment, assessment, evaluation
  2. synthesis
  3. analysis
  4. application
  5. understanding
  6. “knowledge”

The lowest stage in this classification is called “knowledge” and means the ability to reproduce all kinds of information (facts, rules, etc.) - and nothing more. Then we turn to understanding, that is, to the ability to show that we have really learned what we have learned.

The third stage is called application, that is, the ability to apply what has been learned to new examples or situations. You can go to a higher level only by going through the previous ones. Therefore, when we move on to analysis, synthesis, and finally to evaluation, we have already overcome all possible stages of the educational process, including the highest stage of cognition.

In all forms of training - and especially in distance learning - you need to be very careful to make assignments in accordance with educational goals. We should be aware that assignments that, at first glance seem to be correctly composed and “work” at the higher stages of cognition, can in reality only test the ability to reproduce what has been studied.

Learning Without Understanding the Meaning – How is That Possible?

To illustrate what has been told above, let’s look at the example.

Compare the views of Plato and Aristotle in the area

  1. ontology
  2. ethics and
  3. political philosophy.

Try to evaluate the comparative influence of Plato and Aristotle on later European philosophy.

Does this task seem rather difficult? I would attribute it to analysis tasks with a touch of judgment.

But imagine that students have already read in their teaching materials about this comparison of Plato and Aristotle, as well as an assessment of their influence on later philosophy. If so, they will only need to remember and reproduce what they read. In this case, we are faced with the task not of analysis and judgment, but of the lower stage of cognition - the ability to remember and reproduce information.

Or even worse. Performing tasks, a student always has at hand training materials. If a more or less accurate answer to a question can be found in these materials, such a task does not even require knowledge - to complete it, you just need to find the necessary passage in the materials and rewrite it without errors.

If there is no sense in performing this written task, maybe it is even better if a student leaves it to an essay writer online and pays attention to the tasks, which really matter?

How Our Writers Address Their Professional Duties and Write Your Essay For You in 3 Hours

What is the most important characteristic of a rite whom you can entrust performing your order? We suggest, it’s professionalism. The writer must be well aware not only of the matter of issue but also of the rules of writing a particular paper and formatting. We carefully select the authors and make sure they possess this knowledge and skills. Our essay writers for hire know the structure of every student work and perform der according to the requirements. For example, not every student knows that even the conclusion of a thesis also has to be written according to he following rules.

The structure of the conclusion of the thesis written by our authors

The conclusion in terms of volume is less than the introduction and takes 3-4 pages, that is, about 7 thousand characters. The main principles for the preparation of this structural element are capacity and conciseness.

The conclusion is built from certain sequential parts:

  • Introductory. This segment is devoted to general provisions, an introduction to the problem, and a description of what has been investigated.
  • Main. This is the most voluminous part, which contains conclusions, results, recommendations. It is important here to answer the questions posed in the introduction, describe key points, make logical conclusions in the sequence in which the tasks are set, and also state that the hypothesis is proved and the goal is achieved (in full or in a certain part).
  • The final one. Yes, yes, and there is a conclusion in conclusion. The practical value of the work performed is confirmed in this segment. It is important to describe recommendations for solving the problem and clearly state the possibility of implementing the proposed developments.

Useful! One of the most common mistakes of students with no writing experience is to start the conclusion with the wording “As a result of the study...”. Don’t jump into the main information all at once. Conclusions need to be prepared. A few general suggestions are enough for this.


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