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5-Paragraph Essay

The task to write an essay is pretty common for almost all classes in schools, colleges and universities. It is a useful activity, which shows creativity, level of knowledge of the student and his ability to express thoughts. Writing essay can also be a test tool in the social sciences, and sometimes even in math and science class. Essays are also used in the college application process and the quality of the essay influences the final decision much.

An essay can be defined as a literary composition, which expresses certain ideas, claims, or concepts, supporting them with arguments and statements. Even though essay writing allows creativity and doesn’t require strict following rules, it usually consists of three parts: introductory paragraph (where the writer makes the claim), main body (to support the idea), and conclusion (where author summarizes statements and support).

The easiest and most spread type of the essay is a 5-paragraph essay. It includes one paragraph of introduction, three paragraphs of the body and last paragraph is given to conclusion.

It is not very difficult to learn how to write a good essay if you can follow the standard model and express your thoughts in a clear and organized manner. Now let us talk about each part of essay.

Introduction is the first paragraph in any essay. It should accomplish several specific goals:

  1. First of all, it should capture reader’s interest. Try to start your paper with a really remarkable statement. Avoid typical and boring phrases. Remember that a reader starts forming his idea of your essay from the very beginning. The better you start, the better impression you get. You aim here is to make reader want to continue reading.
  2. The next few sentences of the essay explain the reader your first statement, and prepare him for your thesis statement. Remember, that the length of each part depends on the total length of the essay. Don’t write more then 5 sentences in introduction of one page essay. Besides, you should know that the length of introduction and conclusion are approximately the same.
  3. In the thesis sentence your task is to clearly express your opinion on the topic.

The body of five-paragraph essay includes three paragraphs. Each of them is devoted to one main idea to support the thesis of your essay. The first paragraph of the essay’s body usually contains the strongest argument, or the most significant example, or the cleverest illustration, or an obvious beginning point. The writer states his idea and writes couple sentences to support it. Think of everything you want to write, make a list of all facts and ideas you have. After that choose the most powerful ones and write them. Good writer would also use some examples. Even though your main part is divided into paragraphs, it still should be a single story. Use transition words to move from one paragraph to another. You can use such words and phrases like: moreover, likewise, in fact, on the whole, furthermore, as a result, for this reason, surely, similarly, it naturally, by comparison, follows that, simply put, yet, etc.

The final fifth paragraph is your conclusion. It summarizes your main points and re-asserts the main claim. The final statement must give the reader signals that the discussion is finished. The reader should stay convinced in your point of view, he should not have any questions, do not leave him a choice. Remember that final paragraph only reminds your main points, but doesn’t repeat specific examples. In the persuasive paper the final statement may be a “call to action”.

When the essay is completed, again think of your thesis statement in the first paragraph. Does the essay answer it? Read the whole essay again to see if it flows well. If you think that all the paragraphs are strong, but at the same time they don’t address your thesis, formulate your thesis sentence differently, or, if the situation requires, change its meaning. There is nothing wrong if while writing, you’ve changed your opinion on the given topic. The more you think of a subject, the more examples you find, the stronger your point of view is, the more chances to convince your reader you have. Make sure every sentence in the essay supports, proves, or reflects the thesis.

We have already mentioned that five-paragraph essays are used commonly. Sometimes they are used as a final check or during the application process. In any case, if you need a strong 5-paragraph essay and you are not enough sure in your own writing skills, ask our writers for help. Sometimes it is better to give the work to professionals. Our essayists have a great experience and can write creative, interesting and convincing essays on any topic. Our service works for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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