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Narrative Essay

Writing narrative essay is one of the most creative and interesting assignments at school. Narrative approach to writing an essay allows the writer to think and write about himself. All people have their experience and memories, very often we feel like telling our stories, share our memories with the readers and writing narrative essays gives us such an opportunity.

Narrative essay is a story told from a defined point of view. Narrative essay must follow all the rules of storytelling, it should have a plot, main character, setting, climax, and ending. Usually it is full of details, which explain, support, or embellish the story. But it should not be very broad, all details should be related to the main point the writer.

As we have already noticed, narrative essay writing is very creative, so it is a real art to write a great essay of this type. A narrative essay is usually based on author’s experience of the past, or events of the present, sometimes it can also be based on someone’s another experiences. We should also notice that narrative essay should not just tell a story; it should also provide some central idea and even teach the reader a lesson.

Many students ask what they need to do in order to write a good narrative essay. Here are the main tips we can give you. First of all you need to pinpoint the event you are describing in your essay. Also, think what the main reasons of the significance of the chosen event are. Do not save time on thinking about details of your experience, write them all down. The next step is creating the plan of your essay.

Using your plan, write about all the parts of your experience. Try to write in the interesting manner, instead of simple informing the reader about the experience, give vivid descriptions in order to recreate it. Imagine that you are your reader, do not forget that all he knows about your experience is what you tell him.

A good writer of the narrative essay should keep in mind three main principles when writing.

  1. Get the reader involved into the story you are telling. For that, as we have already mentioned, recreate the story, do not simply tell about it.
  2. Try to find a generalization, which is supported by the story. This will influence reader’s view point. This generalization must not concern the whole humanity; it can tell about any social group, men, women, or children of various backgrounds and ages.
  3. Even though the main component of a narrative essay is the story, the writer should remember that details are to be carefully selected to support, explain, and enhance the told story.

After completing the draft of your narrative essay, do not hurry to finish the work. First, you need to reread it, maybe even not once. Think, whether you have told everything you wanted. It will help if you can give someone to read your essay, ask them to be objective and give you their impressions and recommendations. They do not need to be professionals, you need the viewpoint of the reader. When you find the weak spots of you essay, correct them some of them may be just not needed and you can just remove them from the story, the others must be rewritten. Maybe some moments are not understandable enough and you need to explain them a little more.

Usually students are given a task to write a narrative essay on a particular topic, but if the topic is free and you do not know what to write about, here are some of the most popular topic for narrative essay:

  • First Day at College
  • The Difficult Decision
  • The Moment of Success
  • The Biggest Misunderstanding
  • A Memorable Journey
  • The Day That Changed Your Life
  • The Trip of Your Dreams

When choosing the topic, pick something you are really interested in, something that is important for you. The more you are emotional about what you are telling, the more interesting your essay is for the reader. And, the better grade you get. This is a simple rule and it always works, so, do not forget to follow it.

But different situations can happen in life. Sometimes you just don’t feel like writing, you are not in the right mood or simply do not have time for that, but the narrative essay must be written and given to the professor. What to do? Who can help? The answer is easy! If you need help in writing your narrative essay, turn for help to our service and our caring professional team will help you in difficult situation with great pleasure. All you need to do is telling us the topic and/or any specific requirements your professor has given and the work is done. In the shortest time our creative writers will send you the ready unique narrative essay on your topic.

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