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Business Report

Business reports are usually used by professionals in the sphere of business researches, forecasting and business related issues. But in order to become a professional, you need to learn how to do it. We hope that our article will help students to at least get an idea of correct writing of business reports.

Business information reports are used in order to explain the main points of business plan, the goal of business and business growth strategies. First of all, we want to note that writing business report for an audience is divided into internal (within the organization) and external (clients or banks). Writing business report is a difficult task, especially for those, who don’t have any experience. The more you try, the easier it becomes. If you plan to become a good professional with developed skills of business writing, start training when you are a student and have a professor, who helps and corrects mistakes.

Writing business reports has a proper format, which you must follow. Before you start writing business report, make sure you’ve learned and understood the main formats of business reports. Such formats are quite easy to understand, they have been developed by professionals and they will help you to become more organized when you write business report.

Writing business report must follow some logical steps, which explain business related information and data. Let us look at the main steps and explain them. Any business report starts with the title page, which tells the name of report, name of the author date. Sometimes it also includes the reason of report in order to inform the reader about the problems under consideration or offered solutions.

Letter of transmittal is used to announce the release of business report and to give the reader needed background of the business report.

Content page should include the main titles or heading of your report. Do not forget to include the letter or memo of transmittal into the table of contents. Also, include sub headings of the report into the content page, if you have any. Write the numbers of pages of the beginning of all main headings. Write the numbers of pages an inch from the bottom of the page.

List of illustrations can be used in order to mention the illustrations of your business report. If you use only figures in your business report, name this page “List of Figures”, if you use only tables – “List of Tables”.

In professional sphere executive summary is used in order to summarize the background of the business report shortly in one page for managers who don’t have time to read whole business report. It includes purpose and scope of the business report, main conclusions and recommendations.

It is important to explain the methods, which you have used in your research to come to valid conclusions. You need to tell if you used a group survey, searched for information through the library or internet or used the service of special agency to carry out the research.

As any other written assignment, business report includes three parts: introduction, main body and conclusion. Here you should include all the information, you’ve gathered. Do not forget that page numbers and headings should match to the table of contents. In the introduction explain the audience why they need to read this report and what you will tell about in the main body. Main body is the heart your business report. Tell all the most important information and data in the main body. Work on your writing skills when writing business report, it should be easy to read and understand. In the conclusion analyze the result and bring your business report together. Keep in mind that conclusion is the part that for sure will be read by everybody. Summarize the information from the main body and make conclusions. This is the answer to your business report, and will be read by everybody. The conclusion must be short and to the point.

In the business report you should provide the reader possible suggestions that address the mentioned issues. Make sure that the recommendations you give are correct, maybe the reader will follow them.

In appendix of the business report carefullyin detail mention all the sources you have used during research. These details will help to prove that your conclusions and recommendations are correct.

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