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Book Reviews

Analysis of a book is one of the tasks that students often face during the educational process. The ability to analyze is one of the important qualities that help people on their path of life and ability to analyze books is nothing more than a means to extract the most relevant and necessary information from your reading.

The scheme of analysis of book includes the following:

  • The story of creation.
  • Subjects.
  • Problems.
  • The ideological thrust of the work and its emotional pathos.
  • Genre identity.
  • The main artistic images in their system and internal communications.
  • The central characters.
  • The plot and the structural features of the conflict.
  • Landscape, portrait, dialogues and monologues of the characters, the interior, the situation of action.
  • Verbal structure of the work (author’s description, narration, retreats, discussion).
  • The composition of the plot and the individual images, as well as general architectonics of the work.
  • Place the product in the works of the writer.
  • Place the product in the history local and world literature.

Here are some useful tips for writing analysis of book, use them when writing and you will succeed.

1. First of all, check out a book that you are going to analyze, because it affects the accuracy and clarity of the result. Most likely it will be a classic, describing the abundance of social and moral issues, multi-faceted and controversial work of a writer. Maybe it is something modern, relevant and dynamic. The choice is yours.

2. Begin analysis of the book with the formulation of a common theme of work, describe the problem that affected the author, open the main ideas. At the same time try not to break the logic of his argument, express ideas consistently, not jumping from one thought to another.

3. Pay attention to the originality of the genre works. Among other things, describe linguistic features of the narrative, which is inherent to the author, and means of artistic expression used by him.

4. Then make a description of the artistic images presented in the work – another part of the analysis, which requires weighty arguments. Literature is filled with mundane and conventional types of people, the habits and customs which society has today, and sometimes unusual and wonderful characters. So, try your best to describe in detail and give assessment of the characters.

5. After that, smoothly go to the plot of the book. Tell its main conflict, provide conclusions and decisions adopted either by the author or character, from whose face the problematic issues raised. It would also play a positive role if you give your own opinion on the matter.

6. At the end of your analysis, write about the importance and significance of the book in the author’s life and world literature. Depending on the required amount of analysis in this section, you can insert a few details from the biography of the writer, especially of his life and the period of time when the book has been written.

7. Check and double check the text for grammar and spelling mistakes. Edit all the moments. Correctly enter the changes, if necessary. Try to achieve uniformity and integrity of the overall narration.

Here is the indicative plan of the characteristics of the artistic image of the character.

Introduction. Place of the character in the book.

In the main part give the characteristics of a certain character as a social type.

1. Social and financial situation of the character under analysis.
2. Appearance of the character under analysis.
3. The originality of worldview and outlook, the range of intellectual interests, aptitudes and habits of the character under analysis:

a) the nature and key aspirations;
b) the impact on others (the main area, kinds and types of exposure).

4. Field of the senses of the character under analysis:

a) the type of relationship to others;
b) the particular inner experiences.

5. Author’s attitude toward the character under analysis.

a) by means of a portrait;
b) in the author’s characterization;
c) according to the description of other characters;
d) with the help of history or biography;
e) through a chain of actions;
e) the characteristics of speech;
g) through a relations with other characters;
h) through the surrounding environment.

End with the conclusion. What social issue has led the author to create this character.

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