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Descriptive Essay

Let us introduce you one more type of essays. Descriptive essays attempt to create a vivid and deeply involved experience for the reader. The best descriptive essays achieve such an affect not with the help of facts and statistics but by using detailed descriptions and observations. Descriptive essays often have subjective tasks. First of all you need to make sure that you know what type of essay you are writing. The descriptive type of essay is often personal, creative, or simply artistic. It is better if you discuss the task with your teacher or professor before you start writing.

Although descriptive essay is more personal in its character than standard compare-contrast or five-paragraph essays, you still have quite a bit of homework to do. We suggest you to follow this list of important rules when you write the essay.

  1. Understand the concept
  2. Make a research
  3. Outline the plan of paper
  4. Write the essay
  5. Edit (outside editors)
  6. Re-write the paper

When you get the assignment to write a descriptive essay, first of all estimate you chances on getting a good grade. Try to keep in mind all factors: your natural writing talent, your interest to the topic of the essay, your knowledge of grammar and spelling. If you understand that you have small chances to get the grade you need, maybe it is better for you to turn to the professionals. In such a case, we recommend you not to risk and order your paper online at our service. The best writers from our team would gladly take your order and write the descriptive essay for you. Turning to us, you never regret your choice.
When you start working on descriptive essay, first of all you need to decide what you want to describe. Often, descriptive essays focus on portraying a person, memory or place, object or some experience. Whatever you can experience or perceive may become the topic of your descriptive writing.

When planning your descriptive essay ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What or who do you plan to describe?
  2. What is your main reason for writing the description?
  3. On what particular qualities do you want to focus?

Descriptive type of essay relies on its nominal stature. Using rather imagery and metaphorical language than scientific data is preferable. Descriptive essay is not a mathematic entry, it is not always factual. Simply saying, it is “opinion”. So, you can try to write an essay and describe anything you want. All you need to do is just to do it well. Your professors and teachers would tell you the same thing.

Keep in mind the following tips when you write descriptive essay:

  1. You must actually describe something
  2. It is better to use concrete and abstract images
  3. Don’t go overboard with adverbs and adjectives
  4. The same with similes and metaphors
  5. Ask someone to read your essay to see if it actually describes something

When you write the descriptive essay, focus on the five senses (sight, smell, sound, taste and touch) in order to create a vivid experience for your readers. When the writer focuses the descriptions on the senses, he provides vivid and specific details. Besides, in such a way the writer rather shows than tells his readers what he is describing.

When revising your descriptive essay check the following:

  1. Have you given enough details and descriptions in order to enable your readers to get a complete and vivid perception from the essay?
  2. Have you used words that express your perspective or emotion?
  3. Have you left out any minor but still important details?
  4. Does every paragraph of your descriptive essay focus on one aspect of the description?
  5. Are there any needless details in your description?
  6. Are the paragraphs ordered in the most effective way?

At first, writing descriptive essay may seem rather vague, but sometimes it can be the most liberating and pleasurable type of essay to write. All you need to do is writing about something as you see it. If one can prove and describe the idea or image in words, then the task is accomplished. Documentation and serious research are not always needed (though they may be also used).

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