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It is very difficult if not impossible to count all possible formats for writing papers. You must know for sure what type of formatting your instructor wants you to use in order to do everything in the right way. It would be easier for you if your instructor gives you a sample paper. That would be nice, if all instructors, professors and teachers could agree on using one simple format, and, probably, that style would be easy to remember. The most popular and wide spread types of formatting papers are MLA, APA, Harvard and others. The style of formatting papers recommended by the Modern Language Association is probably the most popular. That should be helpful if we tell you its basic rules. If you have any difficulties with formatting your papers yourself, you can turn for help to our professional writers. They know these rules like their five fingers! It seems hard only for a few first times, but with practice people get the skills to format papers with the needed style in ten minutes.

Here are some general suggestions for formatting a paper you have written. But you need to remember, if you have any questions or doubts, you must ask your instructor!

  1. If you want to get a good grade, be a good student. It is a simple and fair rule, but sometimes we forget about it. The most important rule when formatting a paper is to follow your instructor’s rules. It is easier if he tells you the name of the needed style of formatting. In this case, we can easily help you to make your paper look the way it has to look. Do not hesitate to turn to our professionals for help. We all realize that formatting a paper for the first times is pretty difficult. The instructions are very detailed and it is very easy to miss something. At the same time many professors and teachers are too strict about formatting the paper and can put a bad grade only for such mistakes, even though the paper itself is good. In order such a situation doesn’t happen with you, make sure that you use the needed type of formatting and you are using it in the right way.Word-processing is a good and useful technological device, which makes your writing look good; it helps while composing and editing processes.
  2. Use double-space margins for your documents. Most often Times New Roman in a 12-point font size is used in different formats. Do not try to impress your instructor with something fancy and you need to avoid the non-serif fonts (except for headlines), after a while they can become difficult to read; cursive scripts are forbidden in official papers. And you should never mix font styles. Use plain black color to print your papers. Colors are acceptable for graphics and tables.
  3. Spacing: remember to use only one space between words, after a period or question mark, colon or semicolon, etc. Two spaces at a roll can do weird things, especially if you use justified margin (which is not a good idea, probably). To make sure, ask your instructor.
  4. Titles are very important. In case you can’t think of a good title for you paper, it might mean that in reality the paper you’ve written has no real focus. Capitalize all the important words of your title. The title can end with a question or exclamation mark, but it never can end in a period. You may also use quotation marks in a title if it is referred to someone else’s title (for example, a poem), but you must not put quotation marks around your own title. In most cases title page is unnecessary, but not always, see the details of the formatting stile you need or ask your instructor. Fancy graphics should be avoided.
  5. Usually you are required to place your name, date, and name of the course at the top of the first page. Sometimes you can also put your name on each sheet of paper together with the number of page.
  6. You can not use the back of sheets of paper; remember to staple additional sheets at the left-hand upper corner. If you have some special instructors from your professor, follow them accurately.
  7. Prepare you paper beforehand. Do not leave corrections for the last minute. Check and double check your papers before printing it.

You should not worry about formatting the paper at all when you order papers at our service. All you need to do is to tell us the needed formatting style and the writer will format the paper for free. The aim of our service is to make our customers to be good students. So, do not hesitate to turn to us for help.

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