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Creative Essay

There are many types of essays. Creative essays are usually opposed to academic ones. But it is hard to tell, which of them is easier to write. Unlike academic writing, which is often used to help spur a debate, persuade, or inform, a creative essay is meant to communicate idea in a different manner.

One of the key goals of creative essay is to make the subject more interesting, unlike the dryer academic writing. Even though the subject itself may not be interesting, creative essay tries to change this perception.

First of all, don’t be afraid when writing creative essay! Think of something that is interesting to you, something that you love, perhaps, your best friend, parents, or even your cat… After that think of the first that comes to your mind about it, e.g. my cat is smart – something very simple. Then proceed from the simple observation to something that would be interesting to more people than just yourself, e.g. what kind of intelligence a cat can have? Give examples of your cat’s intelligence, compare with other cats, try to compare with humans.

You don’t need to be genius to write a clear creative essay. Just concentrate attention on things that you know well and try to think about them using examples, comparisons and generalizations.

One of the main elements in writing a creative essay is making sure that it tells a story. Creative essay should include narratives, also, it may use many of the devices that are common for fictional works, such as a plot, characters, and dialogues. In this way, creative essay can be action oriented and involve dramatic element.

Even though creative essay is less academic in its style of writing, the writer still must pay attention to grammar and punctuation. In addition, try to avoid using clichés and strive to create original and interesting metaphors.

It may help if you make notes before you start writing. Write down your main ideas – just a few, only 4 or 5 main ideas, then near each of them write examples that would explain them to the reader. Only after that, start writing your creative essay, starting from your best idea.

There is no particular structure that you must follow when writing creative essays. In other words, there is no pre-determined outline for the paper that requires writing an exact number of paragraphs or, for example, including specific information in certain paragraphs. You just need to arrange the report in a logical manner and make it flow together. A good writer would also devote couple sentences at the end to let the reader know what you have understood while writing the essay, how you’ve become more aware of your subject.

Do not try to impress. The simpler you are, the better. But keep in mind that you should pass from one idea to another in a natural way. E.g. talking about cat’s intelligence, you should give a definition of “intelligence”, what you understand under this word. Is it logical to talk about a cat’s “intelligence”? Intelligence comes from intellect. Tell what an intellect is?

Try to clarify thoughts in your mind and on paper. Do not be afraid to look through ready creative essays, pay attention to the structure and composition of the ones you like. Use the general view, but don’t try to rewrite them. Although there are no strict rules of writing creative essays, it is essential to have a well-built opening paragraph that will catch attention of the reader. Similarly, final paragraph contains a conclusion that will wrap up your essay and leave the reader thinking.

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Do not forget that creative essay does not have to provide answers to questions or even necessarily explain particular idea. Creative essay is rather meant to help create sense of the world, it raises questions that the reader may want to explore further. The main advice for you when writing creative essay – be creative! And if you are not sure in your abilities, we are here for you. You can order creative essay on any topic here and best professionals will write a masterpiece on your order. Besides, we charge a very reasonable price for our work, so that all our customers are satisfied with the result.

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