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Revision Policy

Even though we offer top quality academic assistance, some of our papers may need a revision. You have an opportunity and right to request as many revisions as you need to make your order consistent and matching your instructions. We can offer a 14-day revision period for orders that are less than 30 pages long and a 30-day revision period for orders that have over 30 pages. If you fail to comply with this time requirements, we accept the order as the order that matches clients’ instructions and, therefore, does not need any further revisions or other actions to be taken, unless extra payments provided by the customer or the customer makes a new order.

Any client may request a revision, if the revision request meets the following requirements:

  • The revision instructions are absolutely clear. The revision instructions cannot contradict to the initial instructions you have put into the order. If our Quality Assurance Department decides that your initial instructions have been met, you revision request will not proceed. In such a case, you may order a proofreading/editing service.
  • Customer cannot make any changes in the paper before the revision request.
  • No other general terms and conditions are violated.
  • The revision time comprises about 48 hours at the most, but, as a rule, we revise papers much faster.

We reserve up to 12 hours for revisions of papers with the 12 hours urgency, 24 hours for papers with the 24 hours urgency, and 48 hours for papers with the urgency that exceeds 24 hours.

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