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Cause and Effect Essay

Writing cause and effect essays is usually taught in high schools and colleges. It is easy to guess that this type of essay explains the causes of a problem and gives details of its effects. Here are a few quick steps, which can help you write this type of essay:

  1. Present an event, trend or phenomenon. This becomes the cause and the starting point of the essay. It is better if you explain the background of the cause in details so that your reader would understand the basis of your essay. Your thesis should clearly state the focus of your essay. Attract reader’s attention to the cause. Besides the thesis, introduction of the essay should also state the main points your essay will discuss.
  2. Explain the effects of the given event, trend or phenomenon. You should refer back to the cause in order to make connections between the cause and effects. The connections will help your reader effectively process the cause and effect. And this way the reader would understand you better and follow the flow of your thoughts. It is difficult, but it is possible.
  3. You should limit your major points. There may be many causes or many effects in any given relationship, but you should limit your points. The number of points would depend on the length of the essay. Too many points may confuse the reader.
  4. Organize your essay in effective way. Try to follow the model: first write a statement that presents your event, trend or phenomenon at the beginning of the essay. Each following body paragraph should begin with a sentence that explains the cause or effects up for the discussion.
  5. At the end summarize the causes and effects discussed in the essay. In complicated essays it is important to remind the main points and the overall idea of the essay. In this way the reader can tie together thoughts of the writer.

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The cause and effect essays explain the reasons of the event or detail the consequences of the event. You may start an essay with a well-known outcome or situation and think about what has caused such a result. Another way to start cause and effect essay is to describe some event and analyze its consequences.

Some of the students have difficulties in differentiating cause and effect while working on this type of essays. In order to define the cause of something, you can ask yourself “why”. And you need to ask yourself “what” to determine the effect. Another way to define cause and effect for an essay is “one thing leads to another”. The first one thing is the cause and it leads to “another one”, the effect.

Remember, it is important for you to decide what the aim of your essay is, whether want to inform the reader or to persuade him. Choose your writing style according to that aim. Feel free to provide facts, give examples in your cause and effect essays. You may finish your essay with a call for action.

Also, the purpose of this type of essay may be either to inform or analyze. In general, cause and effect essays are organized either in order of importance or chronologically. Use keywords for causes, for example, because of, since, due to, and leads to, in order to keep causes and effects clearly defined. Use words like thus, consequently, resulting in, as a result of, and, therefore, to describe the effects.

Support each of your points with evidence that clearly shows its relation to the topic under discussion. In cases when the facts don’t clearly support the argument, qualify your statements with words like “probably”, “possibly,” “perhaps”, and “maybe” and phrases like, “the apparent cause”, “the evidence suggests”, or “it seems likely”. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try to be creative. Essay is a rather free genre and the rules of writing it are general.

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