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Critical Essay

Ok, we are going to help you to understand what critical essay is and how to write it! First of all you should understand that critical essay is an essay and all general rules work for it! So, here are those rules.

General requirements for an essay:

– Compliance with the theme

The work begins with the topic choosing. The writer should carefully consider the wording of the topic, to understand the content of each concept included in the title, find out the range of issues that should be highlighted.

– Richness of content and brevity, depth and completeness of the topic’s research

It is very important to choose a situation in which you most fully can reveal hero’s personality or the essence of phenomena, events or episodes.

– Richness of an essay is achieved mainly by a deep analysis of its ideological and artistic originality, ability to operate with literary concepts, use of literary criticism, historical evidence and facts. Richness of the written work is determined by the writer’s ability to understand the place of the artwork in the literary process and by the writer’s ability to connect the characters with the peculiarities of the author’s method and the concrete historical environment in which heroes are placed.

– The writing should be focused, imbued with the main idea

Working without a core thesis appears to be a statement of fragmentary information about this or that character or event, which are accidentally preserved in the memory of the writer. The main thought is the central idea of an essay. It would be more convincing if the writer will state his point of view.

– Plan and consistency of presentation

The depth and richness of the work depends on the wellness of the plan. Each new position advanced by the author of essay should be a consequence of the previous; it should be natural and naturally flow from it. Essay written by a clear plan will have a lot of good features, such as: graceful composition, harmony of parts, the integrity of the presentation. Conclusions and generalizations in this natural flow are a logical consequence of the argument. The essay’s main goal is to disclose the topic: the work should not be any deviations from the main theme, abrupt changes, transitions from one state to another, from one part to another or unnecessary flashbacks.

Regardless of genre, type of written work, individual manner of narration, remember the general requirements to the essay:

  • The clarity and purity of the language (grammatical correctness of speech, according to literary norms);
  • The accuracy and conciseness (selection of words conveying exactly the thoughts that are writing to express the wish, the lack of another word in a sentence);
  • Simplicity and beauty (available for understanding the perfection of speech, sincerity, no fancy words and phrases, false pathos, the standard expressions, etc.)
  • The semantic accuracy of epigraphs and quotations

Literary-critical essay

Literary-critical essay requires parsing the ideological and artistic originality of the work, the basic elements of its content (themes, ideas, artistic images, conflict, etc.) and forms (genre, story, songs, lyrical digressions, portrait, characters and language of the author, landscape, details, figurative-expressive means, etc.).

The writer must show not only an excellent knowledge of the text of the analyzed products, but also be able to own literary-theoretical concepts, skills, their application in the analysis.

Critical essay on a literary work may include the following components:

Bibliographic description of the work (author, title, year) and a short (one or two sentences) retelling of its contents;

The immediate response to the product of literature (Review-impression);

A critical analysis and comprehensive analysis of the text:

– The meaning of the name;

– An analysis of its form and content;

– Features of the composition;

– The author’s skill in depicting the characters;

– The author’s individual style.

Reasoned assessment of the work and personal reflections of the author reviews:

– Review the basic idea;

– Relevant topics of the work.

Tips on how to write a critical essay

  • The essay should consider the quality of text’s writing – an entertaining plot line and characters, the author’s speech genre of the work;
  • Throughout the presentation of the tone of the author’s speech there should be a “uniform” – it can be instructive, informative, fun;
  • The essay must note all the grammatical errors – it will benefit the writer;
  • Be sure to note the success and artistic discoveries of the author – it encourages the author to work on new products.

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