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Deductive Essay

Deductive essay is an important part in evaluating students’ level of knowledge in many courses. Students start to write deductive essays in high schools and continue to write them in colleges and universities. This type of essay not only shows the knowledge of a student about certain topic/course, it also represents student’s ability to think in a logical way and deduct information from the commonly available knowledge. Writing deductive essays requires the use of the concept of thought, which is based on a set of circumstances, clues and premises, reasonable assumptions and conclusions on the discussed topic. The writer needs to detect and solve puzzles related to sciences, people, language or concepts when writing deductive essays. He should take into account the existing facts, truths, measures and use them in order to establish a new conclusion.

Deductive logic is based on the idea that given as set of premises, circumstances or clues, some can draw reasonable assumptions as to the situation. Simply saying, a person can identify a person or solve a puzzle if given enough information.

Deductive reasoning may take individual factors, compare them with the current knowledge about things, and add them up in order to come to a conclusion. Actually, there are three parts of deductive reasoning. The first one is the premise. It is a basic fact or belief, which is used as the basis for making conclusions. An argument may contain several premises. The second part is the evidence. It represents the information you have, whether it is a story under analysis or something you observe. The third part is the conclusion. It is the final analysis of the situation, which is based on balancing premises with evidence. In the simplest way it may look as follows:

  • premise: all cats are animals
  • evidence: Fluffy is a cat
  • conclusion: Fluffy is an animal.

It is not a complex deductive exercise, but it is still accurate. People commonly use deductive reasoning in everyday life. For example, in the morning you look out from the window and see that the street is wet. You can interpret this information in several ways. You may assume a large water truck has sprayed the street with water. Or, you might decide that water has soaked up from the ground. However, most likely you will decide that it has rained.

Why do you make such a conclusion? Basing on your life experience and likely factors, a wet street is the result of rainfall becomes the most logical deduction. Yes, there are some other possibilities, but rain is the most logical deduction. But if you were absolutely sure that there had been no rain, or you knew about street cleaning program, you would change your deduction appropriately. Deductive reasoning always takes the most reasonable, likely path, but is not automatically fool-proof. It is commonly used in investigative reporting, police work, sciences (including medicine), law, and in literary analysis.

A good deductive essay must be clear and focused. Every its paragraph is focused on a particular aspect or a certain point, using details and examples to lead to a particular conclusion. Most importantly, you should support all your conclusions, because without supporting one’s idea, the conclusion is weak.
Just like any other well written essay, the deductive essay should answer several characteristics: it must be easy to understand, interesting to read and up-to-the-point. Every its paragraph must focus on one main thought. The thesis statement is usually presented in the introduction statement and supported in the conclusion. It is very important that the conclusion should be strong and effectively supported with the evidence presented in the body of your deductive essay.

If your professor gave you a free topic for a deductive essay and you have no idea what to write about, the following information can be helpful for you. Here is a short list of possible topics for deductive essays. But keep in mind that these topics are very common and if you want to create something unique, you’d better think of your own one.

  • English versus Spanish Languages in the U.S.
  • Policing the Internet, Government Regulations
  • Validity of Increasing Online Education Courses
  • Marketing to Children and Implications of Ethical Society
  • Democracy versus Communism
  • Impact of Global Warming and Current Government Policies
  • Requirements of Immunizations for Children
  • Technology in the Classroom

Deductive essay is probably the hardest type of essay to write. Many students face a real problem when getting such an assignment. But for real professionals writing deductive essays even on the most difficult or controversial topic is easy. That is why with full confidence we suggest you our help. If you don’t know how to write your deductive essay, if your destiny depends on that grade, we are ready to help you. With great pleasure our experienced writers will take your order.

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