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Persuasive Essay

There are many types of essay writing and they have different aims. Persuasive writing utilizes logic and reason in order to show that one point of view is more legitimate than another one. The main task of persuasive writing is to persuade readers to adopt a certain idea or to take a particular action. Such type of writing uses facts and examples, gives logical reasons, and quotes experts.

In this article you can read some tips of writing persuasive type of essay. First of all we advise you to give yourself enough time. Take your time for thinking about the topic, give yourself enough time for everything, for brainstorm, writing, and proofread. Writing persuasive essay must follow the same rules as any other five-paragraph essay. One of the main things, which guarantee writing a successful essay lies in choosing the right topic. Pick the topic that you are interested in, which you know well and which you have a strong position about. In such a case you will be able to defend your position a lot more convincing and influence the position of your readers. Do not forget to consider the opposite view point, in such a way your own one will be much stronger.

The first paragraph of the persuasive essay must catch reader’s attention. Acquaint the reader with the topic of the essay and with your position about the question. But at the beginning do not be too specific, all the details must be given later. The last sentence of the first paragraph is the thesis statement, it gives the general idea of the whole later essay.

The body of persuasive essay must be minimum of three paragraphs. Each paragraph must be devoted to one main point. First you state the idea, than explain and give reasons. Start from the most important and strongest reason.

The last paragraph is given to the conclusion. Here you need to shortly restate all of your points that have been given in the main body of your persuasive essay. The last sentence must conclude the whole essay and one more time tell your view point. Make it sound strong and unforgettable.

Do not think that when you have written the last sentence, your wok is done. The next thing you need to do is proofreading. This step is not of less importance. First of all use your computer to check the spelling. Also read you persuasive essay several times to make sure that there are more sense mistakes. It is better if you can give someone else to read your persuasive essay.

Here are some more tips for those, who want to write a great persuasive essay:

  • Think who your audience is. Choose and follow a certain tone, for example, formal or informal, funny or pleading, etc.
  • Do not forget about the possible counter-arguments, which can be given by the opponents. It can even help if you name some in your persuasive essay and give reasons why they are wrong.
  • Try not to use personal pronouns “I” or “you”. Even though is sounds personal, it makes your essay sound not professional.
  • Diversify your vocabulary by using synonyms. Don’t use the same word over and over again. Also, try not to use boring words, like “big” or “nice”. Use enormous or compassionate instead.
  • In the conclusion do not duplicate any sentence, use another words.
  • Make each sentence count. All of them must be important and informative. Keep the essay clear and concise.
  • Use similes, comparisons and metaphors. Use ‘like’ and ‘as’.
  • Don’t forget about the persuasive statement.
  • If you use facts or statistics, you point of view sounds more convincing.
  • Try to find inspiration for writing your persuasive essay. It is better not to hurry and give yourself time to think over the topic and your position.
  • Do not make the essay too long. Sometimes long papers are not impressive and can be plain boring.
  • It is very important to remember that you must not plagiarize people’s work. It is not only immoral, you can get kicked out of college for that.

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