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Expository Essay

As you can guess from the name, the purpose of expository essays is to present other people’s views or to tell about some event or situation. Expository writing, or, simply, exposition, presents a chosen subject in details, without criticism, development, or argument; i.e., the writer elucidates the subject by analyzing it.

Simply saying, expository essays explain something with facts, as opposed to opinion. For example:

  • Essays, which describes how to do something.
  • Essays, which describes a process.
  • Essays, which analyzes events, objects, ideas, or written works.
  • Essays, which explains/describes historical events.

Expository writing is designed explain what is difficult to understand. Such writing usually proceeds by the logical analysis of parts and by the use of familiar analogies or illustrations.

Such analysis requires from the writer:

  1. read and understand the developed ideas by stating another’s thesis, outlining the details used by the author to support the thesis, and the “values” of the ideas;
  2. put read material into a larger context by relating another’s book or article to other works in the field;
  3. communicate the information to a defined audience clearly and effectively. In other words, you should write clearly and fully so that your readers would understand how you have come to your analyses and conclusions. Remember, never make a reader guess what you mean; give him everything he needs to know in order to follow your reasoning.

Professionals recommend to follow these basic steps when writing expository essays:

  • When choosing a topic make sure that the topic is narrow enough, so that it is manageable to open it within the space of an essay.
  • When you write a thesis sentence make sure it expresses a controlling idea and that it is neither too broad nor too specific, so that it can be developed effectively
  • When you select a method of development first check through all methods and choose the one, which serves your thesis the best.
  • When organizing your essay begin with listing the main divisions which the body paragraphs of the essay will discuss.
  • When writing topic sentences for the body paragraphs of the essay, furnish each body paragraph with a topic sentence that is directly related to the thesis sentence.
  • When writing the body paragraphs of the essay, each of them should develop the main support covered in this paragraph’s topic sentence.
  • When furnishing a paragraph of introduction, you should state the main thesis of the essay, introduce the body paragraphs of the essay, and get the interest of the reader.
  • When writing a paragraph of conclusion, the writer should restate the thesis and divisions of the essay and bring the expository essay to an appropriate and effective close.

This practice is not for students only. Accurate analysis is one of the fundamental professional activities in practically all careers. As you know, any fundamental skill must be constantly practiced if you want to maintain and improve it. Besides, other goals, for example, learning “time management” or note-taking, also can be developed by this useful activity.

Don’t be afraid to revise your expository essay! In fact, you even have to do it. Probably, you will want to change it at least once; it is absolutely normal and even advised.

While revision you:

  1. find the accurate words to express your thoughts
  2. correct spelling, typographical and grammar mistakes
  3. make sure all paragraphs are “tight” and properly sequenced
  4. make sure that the transition from one key topic to another makes sense

Expository essay has a distinct format.

The statement of thesis must be defined and enough narrow to be supported within your essay. Every supporting paragraph should have a different controlling topic and all the sentences should be factually related directly to it. Use the transition words or phrases, they would help the reader to follow your thought and reinforce the logic. The conclusion paragraph should recall the thesis itself and the main supporting ideas of the essay. Try to finish with the statement that reinforces your viewpoint in a memorable and meaningful way. And one more rule to remember, never introduce any new material in the conclusion. This rule concerns all kinds of essays, not only expository ones.

If you have a chance to choose the topic of the expository essay yourself, choose something you are familiar with. It will make your work much easier and your chances of creating successful expository essay would grow. If you still have difficulties in writing the essay, you can rely on us and our professional writers. We have helped thousands of students. You can read the comments of our customers and they will convince you better. Most our first time customers become our permanent clients, as they can be sure in the professionalism and responsibility of our writers.

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