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Classification Essay

It is easy to guess what the main characteristic of classification essay is. This type of essay arranges and organizes any chosen topic or subject into some categories. The purpose of the essay is to break things down so that they can be further investigated. Sometimes classification essays breakdown the subject of essay into easily distinguishable and clear categories. In other cases they may aim to show contrasting or unlikely components.

What do you need to remember about classification essay? A good one will do three things. First of all, it will arrange all ideas into the most constructive and relevant categories. The named categories should be detailed enough but not excessive. Too many different categories sometimes can confuse the classification, it will become unclear. Secondly, the classification essay should adhere to the certain organizing theory. You arrange the categories according to the chosen organizing theory. The same principle should be followed in the entire essay. The third rule is to use effective examples that correspond to every category. Each category should have balanced examples, it is important.

Be careful when you choose the amount of categories to include in the classification essay, as it will set the stage for essay’s tempo. If you include too many categories, the essay may drag on and be ineffective. At the same time, when you write about the same category too much, the overall objective of essay is misplaced. Try to keep the right balance.

It is important to decide in what order you want to present the categories. There is no specific rule, it changes depending on the specific essay. Some writers choose to name the most significant category at the very beginning, while others work up to it. The main thing is that the categories should be clear and concise no matter what way you decide to use.

Choosing what categories to use is a vital step in any classification essay. If you sense that there are too many categories or you can not pick the ones that will benefit your classification essay the most, make a list of all categories. Ask yourself which of the categories you need to execute and which support your overall objective the best.

Any classification essay requires the writer to deliver the topic by using one of the following approaches: rating and evaluating or classifying. For example, you need to write a classification essay using the classifying method. Then, it may look as follows if you write about your friends. Classify your friends according to characteristic of how many siblings they have and, also, divide them into groups according to fact if they live with both parents, only with mother or father. Classification essay written basing on the rating and evaluating method looks different. Rate your school library by the amount of books it has and the helpfulness of the staff. Or evaluate the public library by the quantity and quality of its books and periodicals. No matter what type of method you use, the purpose of classification essay is the same: to showcase writer’s ability to explore and analyze information and organize it into some groups.

In other words, there are three elements of any classification essay. They are:

  • a set of things which is classified (it must have a common characteristic or it can be distinguished from things outside the set),
  • a principle of selection for classifying the set (the quality, type, standard, or function by which different elements of the set are divided into classes. It isthe principle of selection for creating groups),
  • classes into which the given set is divided (begin with an explanation of the descriptor, mention the characteristic which is used to identify the members of one class and differentiate the members of that class from others. Do not forget to include representative examples of the class).

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